Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Fuzzball

Last night we wanted to get Jasper a special treat. M insisted on this enormous rawhide bone that I argued was too big for Jasper's mouth. When we presented our little guy with this bone, at first he couldn't contain his excitement. Then he couldn't figure out how to wrap his teeth around it in his usual way and just barked at it for a while. Then he got frustrated, slunk his head down and whimpered at it for a few minutes. Finally, he figured it would be fun to eat despite it's excessive size and started chewing away on the ends. He chewed, chewed, chewed for about two hours nonstop, and we couldn't bear to take it away from him, as he was just having too much fun. So we let him take it to bed, ( was so big that even after two hours of chewing he'd hardly made a dent so we knew he wouldn't break off any small pieces.) We fell asleep around 11:00, and I awoke at 2:30 in the morning to find Jasper STILL chewing away! I obviously had to take away the treat so that he would have no other choice than to actually sleep. When I gave it back to him this morning I realized that he would never eat his real food again with such a delicious bone around, so once more I had to take it away. Will Jasper ever see his beloved bone again? Sources say "yes," especially if ever I need to occupy him again for a good twelve hours.

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