Thursday, January 7, 2010


Lately M & I have been eating out a lot because I'm so busy (and he only knows how to cook a few things.) This can be costly, and I'm devising a plan to free ourselves from the addiction to the convenience and enjoyment of eating out so much. Ideally, we'd eat out two - three times a month. I'm imagining all the extra money we'd have around if we restrained ourselves a little (though the cost of groceries is nothing to rejoice about these days!) So I've come up with a basic meal plan and could use some input. If you have any favorite recipes that fall into one of the following categories, do share!

Soup night - I work late on Mondays and will utilize my lovely crockpot for these.
TUESDAY: Casserole night? I work from 9 - 7 on T, but I have a short break in the morning where I can come home and prepare something to be ready to cook for when M or I get home.
WEDNESDAY: Pasta or Rice night. I have time during the day to prepare something, but work very late, and M will have to finish the cooking part when he gets home or reheat what I've cooked during the day.
THURSDAY: Meat night. Or M's choice night. I don't work until the afternoon so I can prepare the meat during the day and ask M to cook it when I'm on my way home. Or M can pick something he'd like to cook and prepare it while I'm at work.
FRIDAY: Fun food night! Think homemade pizza or breakfast for dinner.
SATURDAY: Left-overs night
SUNDAY: Roasted meat night, chicken, pot roast, etc. Leftover meat can be used for the coming week's recipes! I also hope to use my *extra* time on Sunday to get other things ready that I may need throughout the week to simplify the weekday process.

I've got a number ideas for soups and meats; I could use some for casseroles or other easy hodge-podge meals!

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  1. Great thinking! Meal planning is one of the hardest things for me... I've been trying to work on it the whole last year. One idea for an easy meal is tostadas. We have that a lot because they are so simple to make--and delicious. All you have to do is mash up and pinto beans (from a jar... I always add a little cumin and garlic to them), shred cheese and lettuce, cut up tomatoes, and you are good to go (spread on tostada shells obviously). Also yummy with guacamole (or just mashed up avocado) and salsa on top. Tostadas are definitely a staple around Casa Street. Let me know how the plan goes... and if you have any good crockpot recipes! I always forget about mine but think life would be so much easier if I used it.