Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh, how I love Mozart. So imagine my excitement when I was invited to sing a concert at the Basilica in GR this May. Mozart's "Exsultate, Jubilate" is a most beautiful motet written for solo soprano voice and orchestra. I began working on the piece last year when my contact at the Basilica asked me to sing it. Unfortunately, this man turned out to be a slight, well, weasel. Without giving any details about why he changed his mind, he simply notified me that he's "taking the concert in a different direction." I have two theories as to the reasons: 1.) He resents me for not auditioning for America's Got Talent with one of his original songs (I'm not interested in going on TV and even if I were, he didn't give me the music until three weeks before the audition and I had other commitments that day.) 2.) He couldn't get his act together enough to make the concert a reality. I personally believe his motivations having something more to do with no. 1, as his e-mail was highly formal and seem to imply a certain termination of contact, as though he wanted to say he wasn't interested in my singing for him ever again. I'm highly disappointed but know someday I'll have the chance to sing Mozart again. Click on the link below to watch a clip of my favorite movement from the piece, "Tu Virginum Corona." And be sure to avoid any concerts at the Basilica!!

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  1. My theory is that only grouchy people work at the basilica, which is a shame, seeing as it really belongs to the people. I would have loved to hear you sing there!