Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Again, World Wide Web.

I have been way too busy to blog much lately, but I find myself here with the computer (a rare occasion since M's fantasy hockey obsession began) with the dogs napping on my lap and an M.I.A. husband. I seriously have no idea where he is right now. Probably at a record store somewhere. So I'm back with some exciting updates on life. 1.) I have decided to go back to school in the fall, and I've been accepted to Roosevelt University, where I'm choosing to go. The tuition is pretty high, but the program is strong and the school is connected with the most important Chicago-based professional singing companies, so I know I'll be able to make great contacts there on top of receiving a high-quality education. 2.) A couple of weeks ago I participated in a local opera company's annual voice competition, and I placed 2nd! About 40 singers in my age group sang in the competition, and receiving a 2nd-place award (and cash prize!) is just the affirmation a struggling singer like myself truly cherishes. I even found a beautiful dress (pictured below) at a thrift store for $4 to wear. (I'm not above that.) I'm now more encouraged than ever to begin studying for a Masters in Vocal Performance, and I can't wait until the fall! Now just to get through a summer of working six days a week. 

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