Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Saturday Home

Today I was introduced to my new Saturday home.  I'll be teaching here on Saturdays at least through the next two years, and I'm delighted to say our satellite location in Lakeview is quite nice!  It's small; there are only six studios inside, but it has everything a teaching musician needs to get the job done!

 A wall full of music books!!

Plenty of space for waiting students, with books and toys for youngsters.

A charming kitchenette, with a dining table and chairs in the back.

A beautiful studio with a comfy armchair. (This is my Saturday room!)

And best of all: 
A Piggery just around the corner.
"What is a Piggery?" you may ask.  I do not know.

The background of how this place came to be is not so happy.

Meghan Andrea Hormann was a local musician who began this teaching business not long ago.  She called it "Backbeat," and it was quickly becoming a staple of the neighborhood.  Sadly, in January of 2010 Meghan passed away after struggling with a mysterious lung infection for only a month.  She was just 26 years old.  Having inherited the company, but lacking the means to sustain it, Meghan's parents began searching for an established company to "adopt" the business, and Old Town did so a little over a month ago.  It's nice to have such a wonderful space, but tragic how it came to be ours.  She seemed to be a lovely person; one I would have been friends with.
Rest in peace, Meghan
You can read a nice tribute to Meghan here:
Our Neighbor Meghan Hormann

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