Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something's in the Air!

And it's a.... tornado.  Or at least that's what the sirens tonight indicated.  I feel a strange mix of terror and excitement every time there is a tornado watch, and the scales tip more toward the terror side if the watch becomes a warning.  If I had been home alone and watching the television, I may have been a bit (unnecessarily) panicky, but as it happened I was at work, where there's a basement and a plethora of exceedingly laid-back people to discourage you from overreacting and making a fool of yourself.  By the time I was finished working, the storms had passed, but the sky was still quite ominous, so I snapped these pictures.  

The clouds were literally green- I'd always heard of how the sky looks green when a tornado is imminent (or in this case just passed) but I never knew what it looked like until tonight.

Can you see the Sears Tower waaay in the distance?  It was struck by lightening tonight.

Then I saw the most beautiful rainbow.  Sadly, there was no pot of gold at the end of it.


  1. So crazy! I was in chicago last friday when the nasty wind storms whipped thru. We've has a pretty active summer so far in terms of storms. Steve and I spent monday night sleeping in our basement bc the sirens were going off at 2am! Glad you're all ok!! If i were at work, i can only imagine, I'd freaking out that my doggie was ok!

  2. I would have been as well, but they weren't here, so my panic would have been all ego-centric.