Sunday, July 11, 2010

I really do believe the quote that heads this blog.

"Life is eternal, love is immortal, and death is but a mere horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."  

Today my sweet Aunt Annie crossed over that horizon, and she will be missed, as she was very dear to our family.  I will remember the many fun times we shared with her as children whom she invited into her home without hesitation to enjoy her pool though we'd mess up her yard and her house time after time without fail.  I will also remember her glorious singing voice; she always wanted to sing opera but was always discouraged by her father (though he was an opera lover himself he could never approve of her desire to pursue the art.)  She took a special interest in my singing because she had longed to sing more herself.  She always wanted to come hear me sing, and I wish she had been able to more because music brought her such joy.  Always smiling, loving, gentle and sweet, you never would have guessed how much she was suffering from her lung cancer because she didn't complained.  The world needs more of people like her, and extra now to make up for her absence.
In memory of my sweet, sweet Aunt Annie.

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