Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why I Love the 4th of July

I love the 4th of July because the celebration of the holiday ignites the same sense of wonder I felt as a child.  

There is something magical about fireworks coupled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this great country that makes me spontaneously giggle and smile.  

When you are a child, you're told that Easter and Christmas are about something more significant than candy and gifts, but the stories don't thrill you as much as the goodies do.  Then, the minute you learn the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus aren't real, these holidays are changed forever.  Not necessarily for the worse, you learn as you mature, but it seems contemplating the mystery of the true meaning of these holidays just doesn't feel the same as the excited anticipation for Santa's arrival, and you may, like I have, find yourself longing for that childhood experience again.

But fireworks are real!  They're real when you're a child, when you're an adult, and that never changes!  They're always spectacular.

I love this day because it is for every American no matter the race, religion, or age. Thanksgiving is, too, but there are no fireworks, so today is better. 

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