Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inside Edition

a few of my initial house projects are well on their way to being finished.

1. paint my music room extraordinaire
2. work on the guest bedroom

would you like to see how they are progressing?

before i began painting, the room that will be my music and art room looked like this
eventually this will be a baby room (hee hee!) so we decided to leave the paneling and simply splash and dash.

removing the wallpaper was  very easy- i used a spray bottle to wet the paper then lightly scraped it off.
then i painted the paneling so it would look like wainscoting: white on the bottom and purple on the top.
i used a flat paint so it would look a little more like real wood
(i do love me some purple)

i can't wait to tear the carpet out- we discovered wood floors throughout the house that were buried under layers of carpet, linoleum and parquet.

my second project isn''t taking too long at all!
here's what our front room looked like a few hours ago:

i used behr primer and paint in one, (sandstone cove) and in a little over four hours, the walls were covered in a solid first coat of loveliness
best of all, a half gallon covered the entire room- i have plenty left to finish it up tomorrow

when it's finished, i know it will look clean and refreshing-
especially when that carpet comes up!
so, who wants to come be our guest?

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  1. Jessica, it looks great!! I love the music room!The front room looks so bright and cheery too. I can't wait to come visit :)