Tuesday, December 14, 2010


our little house is coming right along.  
take a look!
 the drywall in the living room is finished, sanded, and primed. 
it's ready for paint!
and i spent an entire day prying old linoleum off of the floors in my purple room;
now the floors are ready to refinish, and that starts today!

check out this monstrosity of a closet in my purple room!

i felt a *little* bad taking the floor off
but not bad at all tearing the old wallpaper off the walls.
we haven't decided yet what to do with this closet.
it adjoins the master bedroom closet, which is not a favorite part of the house.
so we may end up putzing around in here, to.
i really would like to make it pretty, but it will have to wait!

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