Tuesday, January 4, 2011

house stuff

well, holidays.  they are gone.  i can hardly remember them.  we spent our time off of school moving, cleaning, painting, and building.  our house is very very messy now, but it is necessary to make it sparkle.  and it will sparkle soon!  here is a peek at the transformation our living room has undergone thus far.
when we bought the house:

 alternate view

we tore down the decorative ceiling beams and faux wood station-wagon-fabulous paneling and the room looked like this

 we considered keeping the nautical themed wallpaper because it's funny.

new drywall went up

we tore the carpet and parquet flooring, scraped off the glue and sanded the original oak floors

new light fixtures made a huge difference

and the floors got stained a lovely jacobean brown

the walls are painted the color of straw

and the room is ready for crown molding
m and his friends have done so much work 
and through it all, little lola huddled in the side room, hiding from the noise but keeping a close eye on all the activity
poor little honey!


  1. oh my gosh it looks so great!!! your hard work is really showing :) I might need some tips for refinishing floors, I've got hardwoods under my carpet that I wanna someday refinish too!! Keep the pics coming, I am obsessed with watching home projects!!! :)