Saturday, March 26, 2011

color theory

 m and i have been trying to agree on a color for our bedroom walls.  remember this?

i had a plan, but i just couldn't get m on board with it.  
so, perhaps green?  said i. no more green, says m.
yellow?  no.
how about taupe?  that's like a gray but with a little more warmth, says i. 
my brain operates on color and sound.  in other words, i spend 99 % of my life contemplating beauty in space and sound.  
so i have a habit of always wanting color... everywhere.
but today i had an epiphany.
walls don't have to be the source of color.
so we have decided to go with white. 
i never thought i'd agree to white walls...
but it can be done right.
not that i will necessarily do it right, but i'll certainly try.
here's where i'm pulling my inspiration from:

 these rooms are all from various magazines i've torn apart to save snip-its of things i just love.
pottery barn, crate and barrel, and world market really know how to do color, but i'll probably end up trying to replicate something to save money. 
updates will be sure to follow!

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