Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i have a dream

 for my very small kitchen to someday be both functional and pretty!  i love pretty.
allow me to show you my virtual dream kitchen.
(the 'before' pictures are too shameful to show.)
east wall:
in my kitchen you will find the sink in the corner.  it is the only appropriate place for it besides under the window, only we can't put it there for logistical reasons.
the shelf with flowers is actually crown moulding that i hope will replace a very ugly homemade wall of shelving.  the curtain hung from this moulding deceptively makes the (teeny!) window seem larger.

north wall:
our refrigerator has successfully been recessed into the wall adjacent to the basement stairs (to the left of it) and the rest of the wall is turned into cupboards and drawers for storage (including my coveted shelf for the microwave... yay!)  the highest cabinets are actually already in the kitchen, so we wouldn't need to replace them.

south wall:
see that vertical wall of shelves?  it is hiding the chimney.  it would be great for cookbooks or pretty kitchen towels.  i would need to try extra hard not to clutter it up.  the other option would be to install bricks to make the chimney look lovelier than it does now (which would not be that difficult because it is ug-ly.)  to the right of the chimney is a tall pantry that either opens or slides out as a drawer... prime food storage space.
you likely have no idea how long it took me to actually come up with a plan and layout for this kitchen that i can actually live with!  
right now it is not only a serious eyesore, but it has very little storage and NO counter space!  i cannot imagine how the previous owners survived without any prep space for food.  
am i spoiled?

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