Saturday, May 21, 2011

kitchen on the brain

every time i step into my kitchen i wince a little.  even ignoring the gaping hole in the drywall that has yet to be repaired by m- the space is dingy, impractical, and to say it is outdated would be a gross understatement!
you see, the problem with our kitchen is that is is very oddly shaped.  thinking of the ideal place to place things presents the unfortunate blocking of a doorway or just doesn't work with the window spacing or the fact that there is a chimney obstructing prime cabinet space.  
well, the better homes and gardens website presents some lovely photos of possible ways to cleverly use space in a small kitchen- and they offer great ideas for keeping costs down as well...take a look!

putting a decently-sized microwave on a shelf gets it off the counter and opens up space for prepping food.  i love it.

what a clever idea for spices!  i'm sure we can find a rather unusable space somewhere in our kitchen to use for something like this! i'm in love with built-ins.  for spices, books, whatever!

 don't you love how the refrigerator is recessed into this kitchen's wall?  m and i have talked about doing this, if we can figure out a way to do so without eliminating too much space from the master bedroom, which is already quite "cozy."

this photo shows the color scheme we've been planning, and says the light walls, slate counter tops and white cabinets give a small space an open, airy feeling.  i couldn't agree more!
using shelving such as that shown above may be the only way we can fit needed storage into our kitchen!
don't you just love inspiring ideas?  i myself have a love-hate relationship with them.
because now every time i step into my kitchen i'll have a vision of what it could be!

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