Monday, August 29, 2011

exciting projects

school has resumed, so my posting will be far less frequent.
the university has provided the most wonderful opportunities this year, 
and they are sure to keep me busy!
what am i most excited about?
we are performing die zauberflöte this year;
and i couldn't be happier.
anyone who knows me well enough knows how infatuated i am with mozart
(on a completely normal and not weird level.)
so the chance to sing in a production with orchestra is a little dream come true.
Queen of the Night, Pamina
besides learning this opera (in german!)
 i will be working as a teacher's assistant at school AND preparing a master's in voice recital.
so.... it's sure to be an amazing year!! 
stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Wow! When will the performance be? Maybe we can plan a far-too-long-put-off trip to Chicago... I would love to see you soon!

  2. that would be fun!!! it's the first weekend in march, as far as i know. but it's a huge role and in german and will be consuming my life till then. along with home, school and work of course! how are you three?