Monday, October 10, 2011

random thoughts: regret

so many people say "live life with no regrets."
what exactly does this mean?
example from the web:
does it promote living a life in a way that would warrant having no regrets?
if so, then i'm totally on board with it; but the saying should be a bit more specific.
if it means,

"i don't believe in living life with regrets, so i'm not going to dwell on all those bad decisions i made or people i offended.  i like doing whatever i want and feeling absolutely no accountability to myself or others..."
then i think it's a pretty bad philosophy.
i suppose i believe in living life with regrets- if what you regret is worth regretting and learning from.
use regret to avoid making the same mistakes again...
don't let regret consume your life...
but humbly embrace it if it comes from a valid place.

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  1. I just stopped by to "catch up" with you, and had to laugh when I saw this post... I have thought this same thing! And wondered what people really mean when they say they "have no regrets in life." I have TONS of them! Do they eat me alive? No, at least not most of them. But there are definitely things that in hindsight, I think, "Wow, I really wish I hadn't done/said that" (and also a few cases where I wish I HAD done/said something). Sorry, just adding a ramble to your ramble. I am glad to not be the only one who has thought about this :) Hope you are well!