Saturday, December 3, 2011


i have been desperately wanting to make a gypsy quilt for our guest room but every time i'm at the fabric store, my vision gets clouded by the vast array of patterns and colors overwhelming my senses.  but today i rediscovered an older pottery barn catalogue and inside found just what i've been looking for: a template for just the right patterns. observe.
it's not too loud, but it has a nice variety of patterns and warm, earthy colors that would make our room feel homey and comfortable.  i also think it would work well with any number of different wall colors...
which works well for me because we are planning to re-paint our guest room walls.
as a bonus, while i was flipping through the catalogue, i saw this picture:
wouldn't a little cubby like this make a great craft/sewing/art room organizer?
of course, i wouldn't BUY one.  
i would make my own...
oh, the things i'll do someday.

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  1. Just let me know when you want to come over and "shop" in my stash of fabric. :) I really mean it!