Saturday, July 7, 2012

latest addition

recently we made a lovely addition to our very monotone living room.
it all began with love-at-first sight
and a $50 cabinet
it needed a little love and some color
so m and i picked a color we both love: teal
the sanding and painting began
  but after the first coat i thought it looked a little too commercial and 
lost some of its integrity as an old piece of furniture
so i began to distress it
but even then didn't get the exact effect i wanted
so i found some gunstock wood stain and rubbed it allllll over the paint
-that worked out well! 
it gave the teal a more muted, dirty tinge that keeps it looking old
despite being updated.
 i kept the inside back neutral to help the lattice design pop
 my favorite part lies just on the other side of this drawer:
(with its lovely original pulls)
some pretty paper+mod podge= one fancy fun drawer
the cabinet brings a nice vibrancy to our living room
but i still am trying to figure out just what to put inside it...

any suggestions?
here it is next to our (one) pretty window
and how i hope it will look someday
(assuming m will let me put a purple pillow in here!)

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