Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm kind of like a spy

Last night I locked myself out- not of my apartment, but out of the gate that leads to my apartment. I'd taken Jasper outside and hadn't bothered to bring my keys; I just propped the gate door open. Then my neighbor closed it on his way out apparently. Now, Michael was home, and awake, but he wasn't answering the buzzer! So I thought maybe it was broken and resorted to throwing pebbles at our bedroom window in a feeble attempt to get his attention. Nothing. I now knew that he was listening to music on his headphones so I realized there would be nothing to do to get his attention and decided to take matters into my own hands. Since none of my other neighbors were coming around to help (this was around 10pm) I started trying to get into the gate doors. Impossible? Not for me! At first I sized up the door, the pointy spikes on top looked to be my biggest challenge. I couldn't reach the top of the door, so I tried climbing, but there was nothing to help me get a grip on the door. Then I remembered shimmying up walls as a kid and realized the doorway was narrow enough. So I put one set of hands and feet on one side of the brick doorway, one set on the other side, and began climbing up to the top! Luckily my legs were skinny enough to fit between the pointy spikes so I didn't get impaled. All the while Jasper is barking at me like I'm offending him with my most amazing ever display of creative problem solving.


  1. I'm glad you didn't pierce anything! I hope Michael was sorry when you finally got inside.

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