Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chicago's redeeming quality

Living in this city is stressful- from how utterly impossible it is to go anywhere without bumping in to the RUDEST people anywhere (I mean anywhere- people here are so rude!), to paying a more than 10% sales tax, to having to share your building with 50 other people and never being able to relax because there's always someone yelling, barking, slamming doors, honking horns, stomping around, playing loud music, there is no denying that it's not the easiest of lifestyles. But when we get to the lakeside, we forget all of that!!!

We spent the weekend with Jasper walking along the beach and playing in the park, and that's just what we needed to relax and get ready for another busy week- the lake was gorgeous, almost turquoise, and though it was crowded with thousands of people, we managed to find a little spot of isolated lawn where we could play with Jasper and forget that we were in the middle of a massive city. How refreshing! The best weekend in a long time.

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