Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, life has been pretty boring... too boring to write about. But we've had quite an eventful week: Spending time in Grand Rapids with family on what was supposed to have been a camping vacation. Turns out we were just too lazy to go camping; and we didn't have a reservation. We decided to just do whatever we want with no agenda, and that happens to be a remarkably better way of relaxing than being confined to a campground with a bunch of strangers and nothing but a hole in the ground as a restroom. (I do love camping, but it does get old after about four days.) It has been nice to just sit around, see family for more than a whirlwind weekend, and we actually bought a couple of tennis rackets and have been playing tennis every day- even through the pain of playing tennis every day. Michael is a natural tennis player. Having never played before, he is amazingly consistent and actually hits the ball over the net nearly every time! I, on the other hand, who played tennis all four years of high school, try to strategize and smash the ball and end up doing a lousy job of keeping a volley going. Nonetheless, we seem to be evenly matched and have tied each match we've played. Tomorrow we have a tie breaker planned. I'll keep you posted.

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