Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pet Peeve

I had really wanted to keep this blog upbeat and positive... but I cannot remain silent about one of my most bothersome pet peeves. When walking home from my car tonight (which of course had to be parked four blocks from home) I was struggling to manage my many different bags... one of books from my voice lesson earlier, one from teaching at Old Town, some fabric I picked up on the way home, and library books I also grabbed on the way home. Like I said, it was obvious that I wasn't enjoying a leisurely stroll down the block. When I noticed an oncoming pedestrian on the same side of the sidewalk as I (who looked quite leisurely,) not carrying an armload of baggage and all, I promptly moved to the other side to avoid being in his way. Not fewer than 10 seconds after I moved over for him HE, too, MOVED... to the same side of the sidewalk I now was on. So I had to move again. He totally cramped my style. I was on a mission to get home and he slowed me down. Why does this bother me so much? Most likely it's because I feel like people who do that are intentionally trying to annoy me.

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