Monday, March 2, 2009


Lent is here again. At first I thought I might give up coffee, (having a religious reason to quit my shameful addiction seemed to me like a path that might actually end in caffeine-free goodness.) Then I realized that maybe Lent wasn't the best time to quit the habit since without coffee I'm a monster. Then popcorn seemed like a good thing to fast from, considering how much of a slave to it I am when it's in the house. So I loaded up on popcorn for days before Ash Wednesday- (which I wouldn't recommend.) Then a much better idea came to me- what does giving up one thing really do for me anyway? I realized that in my every day life I rarely deny myself anything. I drink fancy cream in my coffee every morning. If I crave Potbelly's, I go and get a sandwich. During the day, I get lost in meaningless TV and sometimes even neglect important things I should be doing because it's just more fun or relaxing to knit and watch Oprah. I always have my favorite foods in the house so that if I feel like popcorn, it's there whenever I want it! So for Lent, I've committed myself to not indulging in all the little indulgences I usually do. I want to spend the season reflecting on the things that are REALLY important and growing as a person by experiencing the beautiful simplicity of living off things I need and being okay with not giving myself every little thing I want.

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