Friday, March 6, 2009


I have very disturbing dreams. I never really dream anything nice. I think my subconscious must be hashing something out. Yes, I've always been a very intense person; I'm prone to succumbing to anxiety and stress. So I guess it's no surprise that I have bad dreams... but it seems counter-intuitive- my brain can't even relax when relaxing. Sleep is supposed to be restful and regenerative. But when I wake up, I'm very often sore from having been so tense while dreaming bad things! For instance, last night I dreamed that a fire was starting on our floor because of my neighbor downstairs. So I went down to tell my neighbor (by the way, a very sweet older man) and when he let me in, he took a huge butcher knife and stabbed me in the leg (by my femoral artery- yes, my dream was very specific) so as I lay bleeding, waiting for the ambulance to come, trying not to bleed to death, I was actually conscious of the physical pain. Finally the ambulance came and took me to a very very old and dingy hospital room, painted an ugly green with ancient, dirty beds and paint chipping off the walls, I was convinced that I would contract MRSA and die. That's really all I remember, but that's enough. I think I'll start blogging about my dreams more often. Maybe if I track them I'll notice a pattern and be able to see how they're directly related to what's going on in my life. Anyone care to share their dreams with me?!
This is what my dreams usually make me feel like.

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