Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night I went to the most fun party I've ever been to, I think. My friend P. spent so much time planning the event for his (pregnant!) wife- and she didn't suspect a thing! He was as giddy as a little boy on Christmas morning directing people where to put the decorations and putting everything in order- so sweet! And I've not seen a surprise party go so well, either- it was much like a movie, 40 people crammed together waiting, whispering in the dark, every last inch of the house decorated with streamers, balloons, and little sparkly "30" confetti, and a perfectly orchestrated "SURPRISE!" with party horns and everything... a surprise which thankfully didn't induce early labor. It was nice to mingle with people I've met in passing but never had the chance to get to know before. I feel like my circle of friends expanded exponentially last night! I think the highlight of the night was playing animal charades and watching K and her friend beat the life out of the giant "30" pinata as candy scattered all over the middle of Bryn Mawr, partygoers risking being hit by cars to get their piece. All in all, it was a fantastic celebration with great people- what could be better?

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