Sunday, March 8, 2009

More birthdays and Brandi Carlile

Happy birthday, Amanda!
Last night we went out to celebrate the birthday of another friend.  What was supposed to be a bowling party turned into a more relaxed time of beer and conversation at an Irish Bistro because of the ridiculous 2.5 hour wait to get a bowling lane, and how awful it was getting around in the pouring rain!  Mrs. Murphy's & Sons on N. Lincoln is super charming with Celtic details everywhere- even in the floor- and their menu is full of delicious atypical Irish food.  We didn't come early enough for dinner, but we've eaten there before... for M's 30th birthday... just days before our wedding.  (Check out their menu!  

While it was tons of fun chatting it up with nice people all night, I woke up sounding like Brandi Carlile.  All the talking seriously strained my voice, and while I love B C's music, it's not exactly the sound I'm going for!  I think it's my body's way of getting me back for staying out till 3 am- something I've not done in YEARS... just not used to it anymore.  So with a recording meeting tomorrow for upcoming auditions, today is a day of soup and vocal rest... and I'm almost completely incapable of not talking!  I'm pretty sure M will appreciate it, though, if I'm successful.

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