Monday, August 10, 2009

A Mugging. A Mouse. A Mess. A Move.

The Mugging

Last night after a lovely dinner with my aunt M and I arrived home late. Since I said "Not it!" first, it was M's duty to take the dogs out before bed. It was about 11:15. He did his job and got back inside around 11:20. Fewer than two minutes later, our dear old neighbor was mugged right outside our window. Thankfully the bastards weren't carrying weapons, but they did knock him on the ground and rough him up a little. I've always felt completely safe in my neighborhood, especially on my own block, which dead ends into a cemetery wall. Despite this, I carry mace on my key chain, though I doubt that after the three glasses of sangria I had with dinner I'd have had aim well enough to fend off any attackers AND keep a hold on the dogs' leashes. And I highly doubt that my two little fluff balls would do well enough on their own to intimidate two thugs.

The Mouse

So this morning, (happy birthday to me), I wandered into my kitchen to discover that not only do we have ANOTHER mouse, but the little bugger had already left his mark(s) all over my kitchen and was making himself quite at home nibbling on something behind the microwave. Seemingly undeterred by my presence in the kitchen, he continued to nibble away while I quietly cleared the counter of all obstacles and placed Jasper on there, figuring he'd hunt the mouse down or at least care that there was an intruder in our midst. Even then, the mouse continued to ignore his imminent doom and didn't stop his nibbling. So I finally moved the microwave away from the wall and the rodent ran out.... frightening Jasper, not inspiring his animal instinct. So, he puts up a good front when we're outside, chasing down birds and squirrels. But I now know what a little chicken he really is.

The Mess
Not long after the mouse incident, I was looking forward to sweetening my morning cup of coffee with some awesome hazelnut creamer that I'd just bought and hadn't yet opened. So I took the lid off to open it and gave it a good, vigorous shake.... well, what I didn't know is that M had already taken the seal off, so when I shook it, it splattered ALL OVER the kitchen counters, floor, walls, fridge... and all over me. I was so utterly disgusted by being covered in cream that I ran to the shower and couldn't stop the dogs from licking up the cream all over the floor. Hope it doesn't make them sick. So much for fending off further rodents....

The Move
This weekend we are moving (again) to a new apartment in Lincoln Square. It is slightly more spacious and has a washer/dryer in the unit! Better yet, I've been assured it is both insect and rodent free... so I'm not too worried by our current pest problem. I'll post pictures when we're all settled in.

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