Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Just Died Today...

No, I really did.  I sang the final duet from Rigoletto, in which Gilda dies in her father's arms, for a performance this evening. (You can watch it by clicking here.) Though the baritone with whom I was singing put me to shame with his marvelous instrument, (thank you, Ghibong!) overall the performance was a success for me.  Being under massive amounts of stress can have quite a negative impact on one's voice, so I was pleased with how I sang despite the *slight* chaos life seems to be providing right now.  There was a time once when that would not have been true....
I really do enjoy a good reason to dress up, and tonight was one of those fun times!  The dress I wore was a thrifty-store find, which I bought on a NINETY-CENT special.  Yes, $.90.  Really.  I covered my shoulders with a piece of black lace from the fabric store and tied a silk black belt to make it look super fancy.  
 I even found some beautiful turquoise earrings for a little pop of color.  Oh, and because I've decided that turquoise is my lucky color. 
Aren't they lovely?
I can see many a successful performance in these earrings' future.  Can't you?

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