Friday, June 18, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

One day you're living your life, minding your own business, so content with the blessings you've been given, just trying to be a good person and working hard every day, striving toward achieving all you hope for in life.  And the next?  You wake up to the pounds of four armed police officers at your door forced to defend yourself against wild accusations that your husband is beating you, threatening your neighbor's life and is a violent, dangerous man.  Your demented neighbor is convinced she has heard screaming coming from your home, screams that involve mortal threats made against her (and her dog) and has found a random stranger to confirm her claims in the presence of the police.  You fumble for words (it is before your essential morning cup of coffee afterall, so your neurons aren't exactly firing at a world-record pace), and at the same time you feel you are watching the scene unfold upon someone else... 

Could this be the plot of a Lifetime Original Movie?  Certainly.  But it is also the exact situation M and I found ourselves in yesterday morning.  We were blindsided by everything that occurred, for as far as we knew, we were living above a pesky yet harmless woman who was just a little too sensitive.  But now we are both convinced that Nancy has had a complete break from reality and may be suffering from a serious mental disorder.  She not only called the police after claiming to have heard me scream for help (M and I were both sound asleep) but many of the nights in question, on which she claims to have heard everything from "Nancy, help me!" to "M has a gun!" we were not even in the apartment.  Some of my other "favorite" false accusations made against my hubby:  My yelling to M (referring to Nancy)  "You're going to kill her and her dog over it?!"  and how every time she turns on the water or her alarm goes off M pounds and screams because of the noise.  How DOES one respond to someone who is telling YOU this is what YOU did because SHE heard you do it?  Utter disbelief numbs the tongue. We are now faced with the disappointing reality that we simply must move AGAIN.  And we just love our place right now.  From the moment I saw it, I could picture ourselves living in it, and every day since I've sworn we wouldn't be leaving until we bought a house.  Everything here seems set up just to accommodate our needs, and it's hard to imagine we'll be so lucky searching for a new place in a bind.  Here's a little tribute to my home, the little things I'll really miss:

My taupe walls.  They make everything look gorgeous.

My pretty family photo wall- the long hallway was the perfect spot for it.

Watching Jasper and Lola run down the long hallway, fly into the couch to bounce off and run back up the hallway again.  Or watching Lola timidly creep into the darkness beyond to get a drink of water.
(Having a hallway really makes a big difference!)

The way this apartment seemed to have just the right spot for everything we have.  It's the first place that we've comfortably fit our books and furniture into, and it truly felt like home.
Even our monstrosity of a couch fit beautifully into the spacious living room.
It may be we will find another space that works so perfectly for us and feels just as cozy, but not all apartments can feel like home, much as you try to personalize them.  So it is with a very sad heart that I leave 4615 N Rockwell and maybe Lincoln Square altogether.  Time to search for the next best thing!

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