Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Positively Vehement

Check out this website I came across while Facebook stalking:  

At first I thought it was a joke.  
(It really seems like a joke, doesn't it?)
So I visited the website.
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Sadly, it is no joke.  What miserable lives these folks must have that they can't see the beauty of human life. Survival of the species is a most basic instinct, yet there are those who actually campaign for the end of our existence?  
 I really don't understand the unofficial motto.  What justifies your living long if you believe you are contributing to the planet's demise in the process?  And if YOUR life is valuable enough to warrant longevity, then who are you to work to deny that from another? 

Of course, it would be great if the earth were back in the condition of its original glory.  But then again, what would be the point?  Plants, and animals don't have the capacity to appreciate the wonder of the planet.  They would continue to eat and sleep and wander around just the same.  Of course, there would be more of them because THEY would keep reproducing.  The very fact that we humans can think beyond our instinct is reason enough for me to believe that human life is unique to nature and worthy of being preserved.

While I don't suggest we mindlessly continue to consume the resources of the earth with no regard for our impact on the world around us, I would also advise against the voluntary extinction of our species.   I'm pretty darn sure there are better ways to nurture our planet back to better health than erasing human life from the picture.  Like teaching our children (may they be abundant in number!) to be responsible inhabitants of the earth and by working to develop less destructive technologies for the things that make life for humans safer, healthier, and more convenient.

With all the bad that goes along with humanity, I still do and always will believe that human life is the greatest miracle the universe has ever known.  

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