Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun times

My friend Jen has a backyard where Jasper and Lola can run wild and find stinky things to eat and roll around in the dirt.  Lola likes to hide out in the "jungle" plants and wait for Jasper to notice her.

We are staying with Jen until we find a more permanent home- which may not be long because we put an offer on a house this week!
It's a little blurry, but you can probably tell that it has a lot of potential charm.  It's in the best condition of any home we've seen at our price point, and it's in a neighborhood that we love!  Since it is a short sale, there is no guarantee that the bank will accept our offer (they do not counter offer on short sales) so there is a chance that we will not get the house, but if we do, I have big plans for it.  Here's to hoping for the very best!

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