Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cabo Wabo

I've just returned from a fantastic vacation I know I will remember forever.  M and I stayed for a week in Cabo San Lucas with my sister + hubby and brother + girlfriend.  There's something about that place that made me truly sad to leave when I'm usually ready to come home at the end of a trip.  It could have been all those piña coladas, margaritas, and Bahama mamas by the pool.  Or it could have been the trips to town to taste the best of authentic Mexican totopos + fresh salsa.  Or the calming effect of watching and listening to the waves turn over while sitting next to palm trees under a brilliantly lit sky.  Or maybe all of the vitamin D I soaked in?  Then again, it could have just been that wherever in the world we were, the people we were with would make it seem like the best place anywhere.  So thanks to Lis, Adam, Casey, Katie, and of course, M for an unforgettable week!  

(More pictures soon to follow but here's a photo of where we stayed)

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