Friday, November 26, 2010


Okay, so I admit I am one of those people who (sometimes) reads the end of books before I read the middle.  And I've been compulsively planning the decorating of our house before the important structural work is complete.  So while I know I won't be able to indulge in any of the things I've been finding, I am content to collect the ideas and save them for when the time actually comes.  

I've been thinking about how to decorate the guest room, since one of the most exciting parts of having a house here is the prospect of inviting people to stay with us.  I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do, but an impromptu trip to Target this morning turned my plans upside down.

What I had planned was turquoise and gray:

But after this morning, turquoise and gray seems boring!  
so how about 
yellow and gray... or lime green

or warm earthy reds and browns

the knobs are from anthropologie and will look lovely on my antique dresser


 whether turquoise, gold or green

and while M's not crazy about it, i'm in love with birds
on bedding, paintings, or elsewhere
i love the silhouette of a bird and think they're lovely looking
would these owls creep you out if you were my guest? 

one last note... i love this sheet music hook
wouldn't it be the perfect addition to my new purple music room?
pictures of THAT soon to follow.


  1. Love the lime green comforter right after the yellow one i believe 3rd down thats my vote! Why not lime green turquoise and gray???

  2. p.s. the owls creep me out lol just teasing!
    i think the lime green comforter with a few turquoise throw pillows those turqu. knobs and gray duster ect

  3. I love the lime green, I also love the gold with the black accents! I too love the bird silhouettes, I just saw at target the other day those wall accents, kinda like stickers with tree branches and birds in the pic with the gold comforter :) Good Luck!! Decorating is so fun and so easy to change up when your mood desires!!!

  4. oh and the owl, not creepy at all, I think it would be a warm inviting touch to any room :)

  5. love, love, love the yellow and gray from target. saw it there yesterday and wished I had a room for it here at our house. so excited for you and all the fun decorating you have ahead! :)

  6. Thanks, ladies! Your input is helpful. I love too much.