Thursday, November 25, 2010

The perfect cure for Thanksgiving day boredom

What better have I to do today while my husband sleeps than search the worldwide web for things to furnish our new home?  While our fixing the living room and kitchen will necessitate waiting to buy new furniture, it is fun simply looking at what is out there! I rediscovered World Market in the process, and I am almost certainly going to get these curtains for the living room windows.  I just love them!

They have the perfect balance between solid and too busy; and because the branches are still pretty neutral, the room can still be accented with any color.  
I can't wait to make pillows for all the beds and couches.  When it comes to looking for fabric, one of my favorite things to use is a beautiful cloth napkin!  
Wouldn't this make a lovely pillow for a couch?
Or this?

As for the furniture, I read in a magazine that sofas and chairs with open wooden legs create more of a flow and serve to make a small room look more open.  
So I'd like to search for furniture like this:

For my music room?
For the living room?
(See the wall color?  This is the color I like!)

For the dining room, I'd eventually love to get a solid wooden table like one of these:

 They are not terribly expensive at World Market, but M and I also plan to search the local second-hand stores to look for similar antique ones. 

This painting (also at World Market) is something I love.
It would look better in a darker frame.
I like that the neutrals are highlighted with modest specks of color.

I think I could decorate my entire home with one (expensive!) trip to World Market!

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