Wednesday, November 24, 2010


All I can do is think about how I want to paint and decorate our new home.  M has given me full artistic license on the main floor (woo hoo!) though I promise to take his opinions into consideration.  Isn't that gracious of me?   I like making things myself... I love browsing through magazines and websites to look at beautiful things and then think about how I could make them myself!  Today I came across a lovely shower curtain at but unfortunately, it doesn't match the tile that's in the bathroom (which I'm NOT fond of, but since it looks decent, it is L-O-W on the list of things to upgrade in the home.) 
I absolutely love a black and white silhouetted pattern!  You can use it with any accent colors, and the busy-ness of the pattern is subdued by the two-toned color scheme.  When I look at this I think, "how easy would that be to make?"  Just cut a stencil and use fabric paint to make a pattern on an inexpensive piece of fabric.    I could do that and then use the fabric to make pillows for... something?  The only problem with projects is that they take time!  And time is rare for a full-time student/teacher.  So I'm going to store up all of my inspiration for the summer when I'll be off from school.  Oh, summer.... you're so far away!

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