Saturday, January 22, 2011

Room assessment: Kitchen

our kitchen currently looks like this: 
 i thought i liked the deeper blue, but now that the cabinets are white, i'm having second thoughts.
and m's isn't too much help because we seem to have completely different tastes.
honestly? the best thing to do when you cannot agree is to find a picture in a book that you both like.  and that's what we did.  we now have a shared vision for our kitchen:
in order to make our kitchen look like this we'll need:
1. lighter blue walls (simple)
2. a slate-colored countertop (not so simple)
3. dark wood floors (simple! they're already waiting for us to sand and stain)
4. stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware 
(hardware being easy, appliances also easy but expensive)
so that's where we are.

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!! Maybe that's because it's pretty much what my kitchen looks like=--except i have neutral walls because i couldn't make up my mind on a color either ;) But this way i can accessorize for color :) You guys should stop over for ideas when your in town next! I've done lots work :)