Wednesday, February 2, 2011

there's no day like a snow day

to get things accomplished!  luckily i had two snow days in a row, and m and accomplished quite a bit.
i made this hat... it's the first thing i've knit for myself, and the color just makes me happy every time i look at it!  
 and speaking of turquoise, m and i painted the guest room a rockin' teal:
i made these lacey curtains from fabric i got on clearance for $1!
they look nice and airy.
i've got the kitchen painted the new blue, and it looks ssssooo much nicer
i can't wait to get the cabinets finished and put a counter top in there; it will be a great space!
 and i began making some curtains for our bedroom out of this
beautiful damask fabric
we plan to paint the walls grey
the windows in here bother me a bit because they are not centered on the wall 
(previous owners added a deeper closet that takes up part of the wall)
 but i think if we do the curtains properly, you won't be able to tell... what do you think?
 quite a lot of work for a couple of days, no?

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  1. Love it! That Damask fabric is gorgeous!! Plus, that teal hat you made is uber cute. I have yet to knit myself anything....I'm glad to know you're finally getting around to it!! That means only a few more years until I've felt that kind of success!!! =)