Friday, June 17, 2011


the other day while at salvation army i picked up a neat little medicine cabinet that i thought would be a great mudroom addition.  i've been wanting something to keep keys, towels for (doggie cleaning) and dog treats, and i knew this was just waiting for me to take it home.

so... i did.
i didn't want a towel bar.  
i wanted hooks.  
so i removed the towel bar.
and used a POWER SAW (that's right.) to create a hook-holder.
got some hooks from lowe's then used a POWER DRILL and installed the hooks.
boy was that FUN.
i sanded her down and painted her gray.
i painted the top with chalkboard paint so m and i can use it for schedules or impromptu love notes.
then of course i distressed the wood because that's what it DESERVED.
when all was said and done, i had a most delightful addition to our home.

(distressed wood closeup)
i'm probably addicted to stuff like this now, so...