Tuesday, June 28, 2011

favorite fragrance

don't you love smelling lovely? 
my favorite perfume is bulgari's amethyst... it doesn't hurt that it's my all-time favorite color, either.
you can mix and match any fragrance from their omnia collection.  sometimes i like mixing amethyst with the stronger omnia chrystalline.

they blend nicely. and aren't the bottles pretty? 
a new favorite of mine that smells a little too floral at first (for my taste) but after a while has the NICEST scent ever is from philosophy's grace collection:
  amazing grace.  amazing smell.

someone once gave me a gift of perfume, and it is actually m's favorite that i wear, but it tends to be a little too strong for my sensitive allergies.  i wear it anyway, though because he likes it so much!  what's a woman to do?
(hilfiger tommy freedom)
every time i try to branch out and pick something new i cannot find anything i like as much as these.  
do you have favorites?

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